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Screen Printing

Screen-printing in general is the process of forcing ink, by pressing with a squeegee, through the mesh of netting of a screen stretched on a frame onto the sub straight to be printed also known as serigraphy.

In its modern form screen printing has been around since the 1700’s and has many applications .The screen printing screens them selves were of corse made of silk but modern materials today see the mesh being made of Polyester, Nylon and ever stainless steel for some applications.

The screen-printing mesh it’s self comes in a variety of counts to enable a desired amount of ink to be printed. Screen printing meshes can start at most common counts of 43 threads per inch up too very fine counts of say 165 threads per inch. These screen-printing meshes are then covered with a stencilled design that can be created photo chemically or cut by hand.
The most common stencil form today for screen-printing is the direct stencil methods were the screen-printing mesh is coated with a photosensitive emulsion with a viscosity consistent with custard from your dairy. Once this emulsion is dried in a light proof environment it is then exposed to UV light with the desired image, which has been created via lithographic film positive or ink jet printed transparent film. The image to be screen-printed appears Black and once exposed the black part of the image to be screen-printed is washed away with water dried and made ready for the screen printing press.

Many item you see today have been screen printed they include things like T-Shirts, stickers, real estate signs, poker machine back lite panels, stubby coolers, pens and pencils etc. Even the sophisticated electronic circuit boards in electrical appliances have been screen printed


(The videos above are to provide you with a view on the process of Screen Printing. All trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners. This showcase is to demonstrate our printing services only.)

Although the screen printing industry has been impacted on by the digital age there are some products and surfaces that can only been decorated by the screen printing techneque.

At Promotional Product Services we chose to screen print certain items because it gives us the ability to put a greater deposit of ink down thus give a better representation of the colour to be printed, we use screen printing to decorate products that are predominantly flat like notebook pencil cases gift boxes tins etc there are exception to that like rotary screen printed pens and pencils once again screen printing has its advantages here by giving a great printable area in effect giving two print positions for the price of one.

The next time you think of screen printing give Promotional Product Services a call and see if we can’t help you with your screen printing needs.

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