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Pad Printing

What is pad printing; Pad printing is a process of transferring an etched image from a printing plate and transferring it to the desired substrate or product via a soft silicon pad.

Pad printing is used in a number of everyday applications to decorate or imprint products we use, such as the keys on a computer keyboard the knobs and switches in a car instrument panel, stove top controls, encoding on glass panels etc.

At Promotional Product Services we use pad printing to decorate and imprint company and corporate logos on to items such as pens key tags coffee cups anti stress items and many more.

(The video above is to provide you with a view on the process of Pad Printing. All trademarks and logos remain the property of their respective owners. This showcase is to demonstrate our printing services only.)

The advantages of pad printing enable us to print unusual shaped objects because the soft silicon pads them selves can mould to the shape of the product a great example of this ability is the printing on a golf ball the print actually prints into the divots of the ball and only pad printing can achieve this result.

Other advantages of pad printing are that multiple colours can be printed at the same time and with the right tooling for pad printing machines it is possible to print 2-3-4 or more colours with out having to remove the product from the pad printing process until it is completely printed.

Pad printing is an economical process. Generally as the number of units increase in production run the price of pad printing that item reduces and as little as unit can be produced at a price reflective of setups involved.

We require a number of elements in the pad printing process to produce an order, these include;

- Artwork Film
- Pad printing plates
- Pad printing ink
- And of coarse your product.

All artwork and film for pad printing are produced in house at Promotional Product Services and soon our unique customer login will enable our clients to quote and forward purchase order directly to our online system saving you time and effort.

So Take the time to view our gallery of pad printed objects and see the on line demonstration of the pad printing process.

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