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Graphic Design/Film Processing

Our Graphic Design Department provides a professional and timely design service including vectoring, corporate design and solutions individually tailored to meet all of your design requirements.

Important Artwork Information

To avoid costly re-trace fees and ensure the final print is of crisp clean quality we advise that all artwork be provided to our art department as Vector Graphics.

To ensure the quality of the final print we require all art work to be saved in the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator Formats - '.ai,'.pdf, '.eps
Corel Draw Format - '.cdr

Files that are saved as picture files such as: '.jpeg, '.psd, '.tiff, '.gif etc. are unsuitable as they are unable to provide sufficiant quality to produce film.

Re-Draw Service

If you are unable to provide artwork in a suitable format, our graphic art department are able to re-work the art provided a rate of $60/hr. Please feel free to enquire and ask for a quote on re-drawing of artwork. Our design team are also able to create original artwork to your specifications, this is also at a rate of $60/hr.

Please feel free to enquire with any quiries on artwork or re-work costings. We are always happy to help guide you through the process so that the job is presented at the highest quality possible.

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