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Foil Stamping

Foil stamping process uses heat and pressure to transfer colour from a coloured roll of foil to the desired sub straight. Foil stamping can be applied to surfaces such as plastic timber leather card and paper.

At Promotional Product Services we are able to offer foil stamping to your promo products as well as industrial applications.

Foil stamping requires an etched metal plate that heat and pressure is applied and then between the metal block and the sub straight to be foil stamped the coloured foil is run through.

The foil stamping its self only takes a second or two to apply and makes for a lasting impression on your product.

So when you next think of foil stamping contact us at Promotional Product Services and let us foil stamp your next job.


Blind embossing is the process of creating a three dimensional image or design into a desired sub straight most notably for the promotional market on products such as compendiums, diaries, business card holders, etc. the most common sub straights to be blind embossed are leather goods but in some instances synthetic materials can also be blind embossed like imitation leather goods. Surfaces such as cardboard and paper can also be blind embossed.

Blind embossing is achieved through means of applying heat and pressure to an engraved metal block of the image desired on to the item. To be blind embossed, this heat and pressure stamps the image into the product much like branding a cow.

At Promotional Product Services we use blind embossing to decorate products like leather compendiums, wallets, swing tags, up market wine coolers, gift cases, diaries and anything that is relatively flat can be blind embossed.

Some thing that must be considered for blind embossing is that the product to be blind embossed needs to have flat surface both on top and underneath as any interference between the blind embossing block and the base of the machinery with distort the image.

At Promotional Product Services we can help you with all your blind embossing enquiries and look forward to suppling your next blind embossing job.

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